The Bless

The Bless

Cancer is an unbelievable, heartbreaking, and trying diagnosis. Experiences and prognoses differ, but overall, it can be perceived as a big mess, wreaking havoc through a “normal” life.

Could there be a “bless” in a mess?

It’s an interesting question and one that has often been written about. I think it’s worth exploring anew as a way to give some meaning, hope, peace, or healing in some way. It can also apply to what the general worldwide population is going through regarding COVID-19.

At Healing Winds Vermont, we try to make a positive difference by offering a therapeutic sailing escape and regularly sharing information that might make things a tad bit lighter for you and your family.

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For this week’s blog post, I specifically reached out to some local cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.


Here are some of their thoughts:

  • It forced me to ask for help. I always hated asking for help. But, with cancer, I had to. It lightened the load.
  • I stopped sweating the small stuff.
  • I was always go-go-go. I felt I could slow down without being perceived as lazy (mostly by me).
  • Breathe! I realized that I needed to take time to relax and just breathe.
  • I learned how to delegate and how to appreciate it.
  • The love and kindness that others showed to me and my family was incredibly touching and beautiful and sometimes even breathtaking. I don’t know quite how to describe it, but it is something that will stay with me forever.
  • I have gratitude for my partner, friends, and family.
  • I stopped having stress about everything. I just focused on getting better. It was a great gift.
  • LOVE.
  • I finally had time to finish the books on my nightstand.
  • I realized being brave meant I could be stoic AND allow myself to break down in tears.
  • I am learning how to breathe and find calm when anxiety and fear would start to overwhelm me.
  • I found a way to cook broccoli that tasted good.
  • I reconnected with my sister after 14 years. We now talk weekly.
  • I was able to experience what I think I always thought to be correct, but maybe I didn’t KNOW for sure – that there is excellent power in seeking and showing joy and love every day. That was one thing I could control. I found that it helped lift me when I was feeling scared or sad. And I think it deepened my faith knowing that I was never walking alone.
  • I understood that we never really can know what another person is dealing with – appearances are deceitful. Most of us are probably waging some kind of personal battle at any given moment.
  • My dachshund puppy.

Whether you are experiencing cancer or COVID, I invite you to entertain what might be a “bless” right now.

Maybe today your answer is, “nothing.”

Maybe tomorrow offers a different one.

Blessings to all.