HWVT Celebrating Healthcare Heroes Local 22 / Fox 44

Just one day before we begin our sailing season celebrating our community’s healthcare heroes, Local 22 /Foxx 44 stopped by to find out why HWVT pivoted from serving cancer patients to celebrating the people who have been on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic right here in Vermont.

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Not wanting to risk the spread of COVID to the immuno-compromised, the crew at Healing Winds Vermont, decided to change course. This year, they’ve set out to thank workers in the health care industry, for all the work they do, especially in these past few months.

As Patrick Knowles, who is on the board of directors tells me, making the shift was an easy choice. “Our health care workers are facing difficult, challenging situations. They’ve stepped up, they deserve a break. And so just casting off the lines, and getting underway, you can see those concerns melt and people can just relax. And it’s a really welcome respite, and a welcome break.”

Tomorrow, they’re setting sail for the first time this season. Captain Kym Ketcham tells me it is the perfect thank you gift for stressed-out health care workers. “You’re just sitting out there with the rhythm and the wind, and the sailboat is just moving through those waves and it’s, it’s, it’s a feeling you can’t get in anywhere else, it’s just a unique feeling to be out there.

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