Sailing Legend Jobson Endorses Healing Winds Vermont

“I know from firsthand experience that going through cancer treatments can be tough, both mentally and physically. This can be just as tough on families as it is on patients. Sailing offers an environmentally clean respite from the rigors of chemotherapy. Once on the water, everyone leaves their problems behind. People talk about great things when sailing, most importantly the future. A horizon at sea is something you are always looking at. When I was going through my treatments for lymphoma a friend took me for a sail. On the way in he said, “I just wanted to remind you why the fight is so important.” He knew that I would want to recover to get back out on the water. Healing Winds Vermont offers patients and their families a chance to get out on the water. President John F. Kennedy once remarked that we have the same percentage of saltwater in our bodies that is found in the sea. We all came from the sea. Sailing on gives all of us the spirit to fight on.”

Winning America’s Cup sailor, television commentator and Vice President of the International Sailing Federation. Gary has authored 19 sailing books and is Editor at Large of Sailing World and Cruising World magazines. He is President of the National Sailing Hall of Fame.