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Since 2014

Serving Our Community, One Sail At A Time.

Healing Winds Vermont is based on three truths:

  1. Even the strongest person can feel weak during cancer treatments, making movement next to impossible.
  2. The regular cancer treatment regiment is dread-filled and draining. Having the gift of ‘a day without cancer’ to look forward to is a bright spot in an otherwise dark time.
  3. Being in or on water has been scientifically proven to improve overall health and well-being.

We believe that Healing Winds Vermont calls for direct community involvement by giving volunteers who have been touched by cancer themselves a chance to serve those currently being challenged with this horrible disease.

We have witnessed the impact of our sailing excursions on cancer nominees who feel they are not in control of their cancer, take the helm of Healing Winds, and since their diagnoses, TAKE CHARGE of something bigger than themselves.

And finally, sailing heals. There is something special about our majestic Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains, and the Adirondack Mountains that envelops your soul, creating a calming, soothing effect that only moving through nature can achieve.


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Our Mission

Healing Winds creates lasting memories for individuals with cancer, and their loved ones, through the therapeutic experience of sailing.

Statement of Belief

We believe that sailing provides relief for individuals living with cancer. Our sailing excursions are refreshing, relaxing, and spirit-lifting. We provide an opportunity to rebuild courage, love and relationships, as we create lasting memories. We thank our generous supporters who afford us the ability to provide each sail at no cost to our guests.

HWVT Donations


All of our sails are provided FREE OF CHARGE. It is through the generosity of donors both individual and corporate that this is possible.

HWVT Nominate


Give the gift of a three-hour FREE sailing excursion for someone who is currently challenged with cancer treatments and their loved ones.

HWVT Donations


The dedication of our volunteers is an integral part of Healing Winds’ success. We welcome individuals who have a passion for giving back